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Fisc-Protect offers customized accounting services. Your health and that of your employees is also our concern. We have been serving a wide range of clients for many years. As your tax accountant, we are here to ensure that all your financial decisions are made carefully, with your best interests always at heart. We are ready to guide you as your advisor on your way to balanced and healthy success. With our years of experience, our extensive network and our continued training, we are able to meet your needs, no matter how difficult. We know that tax problems are often time-consuming and complex. As tax accountants, we expertly take this burden off your shoulders and handle your administration in the most efficient manner. We are committed to doing this for you in a sound and balanced way.

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A Family SME

Sole proprietorship founded by R.H. PEETERS, honorary company auditor.

Company established by PEETERS, master of accountancy,

fiscal accountant ITAA ( ITAA / 10.980.905 )


Dr. Goedele DOURS, occupational physician, environmental coordinator and ICF recognized coach, joins the company.

The third generation, Pieter-Jan PEETERS, Master of Applied Economic Sciences, specialising in accountancy and taxation, is ready to start.



Rudi PEETERS - Master of Accountancy

With great enthusiasm and conviction, Rudi Peeters joined the company auditing firm founded by his father. Together with a team of motivated staff members, clients are closely followed up. Attentive and focused listening to the client is key. But also, the correct and understandable presentation of figures is of paramount importance. The motivation and enthusiasm of the client, which the office will then expertly guide with figures, is central.  

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Dr. Goedele DOURS

Goedele Dours has worked in various international companies (GSK, DuPont de Nemours, IFF, Novo Nordisk) as an occupational physician and health advisor. As an active sportswoman and convinced expert of a healthy lifestyle, she brings these values to life. Inspiring learning and coaching are a cornerstone here. In addition, Goedele has extensive experience in the occupational health world: fulfilling and anticipating legal obligations in a focused and simple manner is her mantra. Training and coaching are important drivers for Goedele. To this end, she collaborates with organizations such as The Human Performance Institute, Robertson Cooper and she’s an ICF certified coach. Goedele is also a lead auditor in the environmental safety and occupational health field (ISO 14001 & ISO 18001). The warm human contact is the main motivator to successfully combine all these activities. And as a practiced sportswoman, she gets her energy from running around her beloved Brussels.

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