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Paperless working is not only better for the environment (because it eliminates paper waste and unnecessary travel), it is also safer, faster and easier - if you have the right tools. We have collected them here for you, but of course you are not alone. During your introductory meeting, we will provide you with the necessary information and we will be ready to answer any questions.

Horus Software

Horus is an innovative accounting software based on new technologies that meets all the needs of the accountant and their clients. Through artificial intelligence, certain entries can be processed to provide you, the client, with on-time information. Our accounting package is automatically linked to your Falco customer portal. 

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Falco is intended for entrepreneurs, managers, self-employed persons and SMEs who wish to monitor their figures more closely and have a real-time view of their cash flow. It is a management and control tool to help entrepreneurs make the right decisions for their business. Falco makes it possible to make invoices and payments, send reminders, monitor cash flow, communicate with the accountant, etc.

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As a digital link between you and Fisc-Protect, Billtobox makes administrative simplification possible. Send documents such as invoices and receipts quickly to us via your PC, tablet or smartphone, and we receive everything in a clear digital file.

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CodaBox provides the essential data to run your accounting from start to finish digitally. Bank statements, credit card statements, payroll data and e-invoices are sent directly to the accounting software, ready for processing.

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We can also work with the following software ...

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